SIERRA – Next generation of OS kernels for demanding applications!

Sierra is an OS Kernel constructed of many parallel executing hardware devices

Sierra hardware makes a complete basic kernel for demanding embedded applications and can be used stand-alone or as a hardware accelerator for standard OS. Highly portable as an IP core with a simple bus interface.


Key features

Complete OS or Real-Time Kernel

A unique solution, implemented in hardware, which use the mass parallelism in hardware. Scheduler, time queues etc. in hardware.

Shorten Time-to-market

Easy system integration, reduce development costs, simple memory mapped bus interface

Tiny footprint in memory

With a user-friendly application programmers interface in C. The SW footprint is very small since the functionality is placed in hardware.

Enhanced performance and security

Simplifies real-time analyze and behaviorally safe in hardware. Automatic deadline control under run time.

Time predictable and performance enhancing

The most kernel calls to Sierras takes 1-4 bus cycles to execute and response time is predictable. No clock tick administration overhead.

Flexible and new possibilities

Simple to add on new advanced functions to Sierra framework.


Want to know more about us or our product? You need not be more curious! Here you can download a demo and try it for yourself. Have you already tried, you can purchase a license here.

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What our customers say

Simple to useThe Sierra is easy to use and configure for users on all levels. It simplifies working with task based systems while still being powerful enough to get the job done

Maya Isaksson

Suitable for small embedded systemsFredrik Skarhed